Niger to have Presidential election run-off with no clear winner in December 27 election

Official results of Niger DEC. 27 elections declared by the electoral commission, CENI

Presidential Candidates:

Mohamed Bazoum 39.3%

Mahamane Ousmane 16.9%

28 other candidates combined 44%

Reg. voters 7.4m
Valid votes 4.7m
Turn-out 69.6%

Since none of the 30 candidates received more than 50% votes required by the constitution to win the presidency, a run-off vote will take place on February 21 between the two frontrunners, Bazoum and Ousmane.

In the elections for 171 Parliamentary seats:

Bazoum’s PNDS 80 seats

The remaining seats are shared between
Ousmane’s party and others, with the second-placed coalition getting 19 seats.

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