Major incident declared in South Wales after ‘Storm Dennis’ sweeps the country

Police in South Wales have declared a major incident in the wake of serious disruption caused by Storm Dennis.

There have been multiple floods and landslides, and authorities have evacuated residents from their homes.

Emergency centres have been set up for those affected for residents who have been displaced.

Flood warnings have now reached an all-time record, with a staggering 594 in place across England.

Evacuations have taken place across the country as flooding hit homes. Rare, severe red warnings are in place in Worcester, Scotland and Wales, and the Met Office has issued amber alerts – meaning people must be prepared to change plans and protect themselves and their family from the storm – for parts of Yorkshire, Wales, Devon, East Sussex and Kent.

The military was deployed yesterday to build flood defences in West Yorkshire in areas where people are still struggling to repair their homes after the floods caused by Storm Ciara.

The US National Weather Service’s Ocean Prediction Centre reported winds of up to 92mph yesterday and waves are predicted to reach more than 100ft (30m) high across the North Atlantic.

It was estimated that more than 40,000 travellers were affected by the disruption on air, rail and road networks and more than 700 homes in westerly Cornwall were left without power yesterday afternoon.

Two people were killed yesterday in turbulent seas off the south coast of England.

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