Kaduna Government officials meet with traditional rulers over Farmers/Herders clashes

Latest Breaking News from Kaduna State: Kaduna State Government officials meet with Traditional rulers over Farmers/Herders clashes Latest Breaking News about Nasir El-Rufai: Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State

Disputes over ownership of land and grazing routes is causing tension between the Hausa and Fulani Communities living in Kubau local government area, that’s in the northern part of Kaduna state.

The situation is appearing to be getting out of hand, leading to the destruction of lives and properties in both communities.

Farmers from the Hausa communities have complained that herders cattle have destroyed their crops while the Fulani herders likewise complain that grazing routes in the communities have been taken over by the farmers. The brawl has given rise to cattle rustling and destruction of farmlands.

Meanwhile other residents lament that bandits from neighboring Kano state, enter their villages through the Falgore forest at the states boundary to abduct people for ransoms.

Officials of Kaduna state government together with security agencies on Thursday visited the area to engage traditional leaders from both communities in order to prevent the situation from escalating.

The Commissioner for Internal security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan stressed the need for farmers and herders to live together in peace, appealing to them to always recourse to the law when aggrieved instead of taking laws into their hands.

The chairman of Kubau local government area reassured residents that a commitee will be established compromising of stakeholders from both factions, to look into all the issues raised and proffer possible solution.

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