Israel’s Supreme Court clears PM Netanyahu to form Govt

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been given the go-ahead to form a government despite being indicted on corruption charges.

The order came from the Supreme Court which said corruption charges does not disqualify him from forming a government. This paves the way for the veteran leader to remain in power.

In its ruling against opposition petitioners, the Supreme Court found that Netanyahu’s unity government deal with his election rival Benny Gantz does not violate the law.

Netanyahu and Gantz plan to swear in their unity government next week, following three inconclusive elections in the past year.

It also moves the country closer to ending its political deadlock as it grapples with the coronavirus crisis and its economic fallout.

It will see Netanyahu serve as prime minister of a new administration for 18 months before handing the reins to Gantz.

Netanyahu was indicted in January on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.He denies any wrongdoing in all three cases.

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