German factory races to churn out Covid-19 syringes

The battle against COVID-19 has delivered not just a vaccine at record speed but also a spike in demand for the billions of syringes needed to administer it.

A German factory is already busily churning out the little plastic tubes and is confident global needs can be met.

Otto-Philipp Braun, Co-director of Almo, Germany’s leading syringe manufacturer said on Sunday “There won’t be a shortage of syringes, even if we are facing a big challenge.”

The company intends to spend 30 million euros on an additional assembly line, partly to cope with increased demand for the Covid-19 jabs.

Every year, Almo churns out more than two billion syringes of various kinds.

The needles that can be added to the injection devices are produced by a B.Braun subsidiary in Malaysia.

The first orders have already rolled in from Germany’s BioNTech, whose vaccine developed with US giant Pfizer is already being administered in some countries, and from CureVac, another German company whose vaccine candidate is in final stage trials.

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