EU Election: Le Pen holds rally before polls

Image result for EU Election: Le Pen holds rally before pollsWith less than twenty four hours before the EU parliamentary elections, France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen held a rally on Friday night to call on voters to block French President Emmanuel Macron’s government and policies.

The leader of the National Rally party spoke alongside the head of the party’s list for the election Jordan Bardella in front of thousands of supporters gathered at Le Pen’s home ground of Henin-Beaumont.

An opinion poll on Thursday showed support in France has risen for both Marine Le Pen’s far-right party and President Emmanuel Macron’s candidates before voting in the European parliament elections.

Macron, who has been campaigning in recent days, has framed the elections as a battle between anti-immigration nationalists and pro-European “progressives” such as himself.

“On Sunday, a battle takes place with three stakes. A European stake which is saying no to Macron’s Europe. A national stake which is saying no to Macron’s policy. And a stake which regards civilisation which is saying no to Macron’s destroying vision of Europe. And a European stake because for the first time in 60 years, with our European allies who also embody the awakening of peoples, we have the opportunity to initiate this construction, the construction of a Europe of nations and to end this European Union,” Leader, National Rally Party, Marine Len Pen, stated.

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