Covid-19: Fresh outbreaks reported in China following mass testing in Wuhan

Current outbreaks about covid-19 outbreak in China

There have been several new Covid-19 outbreaks reported in China, with Jiangsu province being the most affected.

China recently began mass coronavirus testing in Wuhan, attributing the new outbreak to the Delta variant.

The Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) revealed last week that more than 1.6 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine doses were administered to citizens of eligible age groups. As a result, China is the world’s most vaccinated country in terms of vaccine doses delivered. In China, only Covid-19 vaccinations made in China are used.

Multiple new Covid-19 outbreaks have been reported in China since the announcement.
Covid-19 has returned to Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic that swept the globe. Jiangsu province is said to be the most affected.

China has been conservative in reporting Covid-19 cases since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in late 2019.

According to reports, the first cases of Covid-19 in Wuhan were not recognized and were not made public. China appears to have even delayed reporting the outbreak to the World Health Organization (WHO).

With that history, China on Monday officially reported three cases of Covid-19 as non-imported, a first in more than a year, for Wuhan. In response, China suspended operations of flights and trains in and out of Wuhan on Tuesday.

China has also announced widespread coronavirus testing in Wuhan, blaming the new outbreak on the Delta type, which was first discovered in India. SARS-CoV-2 Delta has arrived in the city where the new coronavirus was initially discovered in late 2019.

On Tuesday, 96 new cases of Covid-19 were reported by Chinese news outlets controlled by the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC). There were 71 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the United States and 25 in other countries.

Additionally, reports quoted data from the National Health Commission to say that 27 new asymptomatic cases were recorded while 485 asymptomatic patients were under medical observation. This signals that China may not be counting asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 as confirmed ones.

According to some reports, 11 provinces have reported new cases of Covid-19. New patients have been reported from cities such as Beijing, China’s capital, and Shanghai, the country’s largest commercial hub. However, the official figures for these two cities for local transmission cases are in the single digits.

In Jiangsu province, the outbreak started at the airport in its capital Nanjing. During contact-tracing, Chinese health authorities are said to have identified cases in 11 provinces.

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