COVID-19: Anambra commences 2nd phase of vaccination

Anambra begins second phase of covid-19 vaccination

The second phase of COVID-19 vaccination has commenced in Anambra state.

Dr Chioma Ezenyimulu, Executive Secretary/ CEO of Anambra State Primary Health Care Development Agency, stated at a ceremony to mark the start of the vaccination campaign that 71,892 doses of two brands of vaccines were available.

He said the doses included 58,100 of Moderna vaccine and 13,792 of AstraZeneca vaccine.

Anambra received 78,810 doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in March, according to Ezenyimulu, for the first phase of the vaccination.

She said, “since then we have vaccinated 62,167 Anambra people for first and second doses, representing 98 per cent of the target population”.

According to the executive secretary, the rapid discovery of COVID-19 vaccines and subsequent mass immunization efforts in countries all over the world have significantly reduced disease morbidity and mortality.

“It is hoped that as we begin today to vaccinate the rest of the population, aged 18 years and above, we shall achieve the much needed herd immunity to ward off the rampaging virus, especially its deadly Delta variant.

“It is worthy of note that a large percentage of people infected with the disease have recovered,” she said.

Ezenyimulu bemoaned the lack of staff and urged Gov. Willie Obiano to hire more health professionals to ensure that services are delivered effectively.

She said a total of 332 Primary Health Centres had started accessing their funds quarterly and experiencing positive changes in their infrastructure and equipment.

She thanked Obiano for supporting the health sector by making Anambra qualify for the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) which is one per cent of the consolidated revenue of the federation.

“Under BHCPF, we have also engaged 60 midwives for our primary health centres to fill the gaps temporarily in our health workforce.

“We need your urgent intervention Your Excellency in the employment of health workers because our staff keep retiring without being replaced,” he said.

Obiano, who kicked off the immunization drive, advised Anambra residents to embrace vaccination because it boosts people’s immunity.

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