Cooking gas users lament price hike

Image result for Cooking gas users lament price hikeUsers of the liquefied natural gas also known as cooking gas have decried the abrupt increase in the cost of refilling their cylinders.

They say the increase will further deplete their income, coupled with the current increase in the price of food stuff.

Energy correspondent, Tolulope Ogunjobi reports that the Nigeria liquefied natural gas limited has continued to charge Nigerians on the need to promote a conducive environment for the gas market.

The agency believes that a well coordinated ,market expansion strategy will help grow penetration by 32 percent from 400,000 metric tonnes per annum to 3 million tonnes within the next five years.

But with the recent hike in the price of cooking gas, industry watchers believe that this might not be achievable.

A recent survey by the TVC NEWS crew in the domestic gas depot shows that refilling a 1kg gas now sells for N500 against the earlier price of N400.

3kg cylinder is now N1,000 as against the former price of N700, 5kg cylinder now goes for N2,000 as against the N1,700, 6kg cylinder went up to N2,200 as against the earlier price of N1,900 while refilling a 12.5kg cylinder has risen to N4,500 against the earlier cost of N3,200.

Despite these complaints, LPG users believe that the use of gas for cooking remains better, healthier than kerosene or charcoal.

It is expected that all concerned bodies will meet minds and find a way of returning to the old price given the current recession in the country.

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