Uganda president Museveni removes son from military over offensive tweets

Uganda president removes son from military over offensive tweets


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has fired his Son Muhozi Kainerugaba as commander of the country’s infantry forces after he repeatedly threatened on Twitter to invade neigbouring Kenya.
This has caused widespread concern in East Africa.


Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, dubbed ‘the tweeting general’ of Uganda, in recent months had sparked anger among some Ugandans who see his frequent posts on Twitter as provocative and sometimes even dangerous.

Some of Kainerugaba’s supporters say his tweets are attempts at humor and shouldn’t be taken seriously. But many others see a bigger problem.


Mr Kanirugaba widely regarded as the de facto head of the military and his father’s chosen successor later said
the comments were made in jest.

The statement announcing his replacement as land forces commander on Tuesday, the military said Mr kainer Gaba had been
promoted from Lieutenant General to full General and would remain a senior presidential advisor for Special Operations.
president Museveni’s Army Commander’s son is outspoken on social media, frequently trading barbs with opposition figures despite his military role which bars him from doing so


On Monday and Tuesday, he sent a series of provocative messages on Twitter including proposing the unification of Kenya and Uganda and offering cows to marry Italy’s likely next leader.
His comments drew angry reaction from Kenyians on social media, Uganda analysts and opposition leaders have long been
accusing the 78 year old Yoweri Musaveni have grooming his son to take over power from him but the Uganda President who has been in power for 36 years has repeatedly denied having such

Kainerugaba, the pillar of his father’s personal security apparatus, has been the de facto head of Uganda’s military, with his allies strategically deployed in command positions across the security services, according to observers.


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