Flood sweeps two persons in Niger community

Two persons have been confirmed dead and 237 others affected in a flood that swept across parts of Kontogora local government council in Niger state.

While assessing the level of damage In the area Governor Abubakar Sani Bello directed that structures built on water ways should be removed and the people relocated.
Kontogora is predominantly a farming community.


The farmers here are the largest famers of beans in Niger state owing to its vast and arable landmass.

On Friday a torrential rainfall led to heavy flooding that led the river Kontogora to overflow its banks, which led to the destruction of houses and farmlands.

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The government said the people have been compensated several times to relocate to higher grounds but they remain adamant.

The residents however refuted this claim.
Governor Sani Bello visited the area to sympathize with the people and assess the level of damage.


He directed that all the houses built on water ways should be demolished and water ways should be properly marked for the river to have a free flow.

The governor also visited the emir of Kontogora where he presented relief items comprising of grains, oil and clothing items to the emir to be distributed amongst those affected by the flood.


Governor Bello is vying for the senatorial position of this area to represent these people in the senate after his second term in office as a governor.


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