Sylva wins defamation suit against Publisher Jackson Ude

Timipre Sylva wins defamation suit against publisher Jackson Ude Sylva wins defamation suit against Publisher Jackson Ude

The United State District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania has ordered Jackson Ude to take down, delete, and destroy all articles and publications that allege any criminal or other misconduct by the minster of State Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva  appearing on the Point Blank News website and from Mr Ude’s social media accounts, especially those publications in issue in this case.

To avoid continued litigation, the Parties agreed to enter into an agreements, that Mr Ude will not (directly or indirectly) engage in any act either to harass or spread false information against the minister.


He will not (directly or indirectly) publish any false or defamatory information about Mr Sylva, with liquidated damages of $25,000 per any such publication and attorneys’ fees to the winner of any litigation therefrom.

Mr Ude also will have seven days to pull all articles down and publish the certification. The ECF 138, which is the signed settlement agreement with the signature of the Judge, has a 15-point out-of-court agreement to avoid further litigation on the matter.

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Mr Ude had alleged that a there was a certain lodgement of $2,039,975 into one of the accounts belonging to the monster.

The money Mr Ude alleged was slush fund, as the minister does not own any thriving private business


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