Nigeria Can Never Be Divided-Yahaya Bello

Governor of Kogi State Yahaya Bello, has reiterated his belief in and commitment to Nigeria’s unity, stating that the country can never be divided.

Governor Bello made the remarks during a courtesy call on the state’s governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, at the Abia State Government House in Umuahia.

Bello, who was in Umuahia for the funeral of the mother of one of his friends, Chief Emenike Ugochi, decided to pay a courtesy call on his colleague in the spirit of brotherliness.

“I have always maintained this position that Nigeria can never divide; we can have differences, skirmishes here and there which by the grace of God, we shall overcome them and Nigeria will remain together”, he said.

He thanked Governor Ikpeazu for the warm welcome he and his entourage received, stating that the Abia governor has been a great friend.

Governor Ikpeazu, according to Bello, was the first governor to call him directly after he was sworn in as governor of Kogi State in January 2016.

He stated that despite not being of the same political party, area, or creed as Governor Ikpeazu, the two had maintained mutual friendliness and cordiality over the years, and that this should be the correct ethos that all Nigerians should acquire.

According to the governor, he also enjoys cordial and mutual relationship with all his counterparts in the South East.

“We in Kogi State look at everyone as a Nigerian first before we talk about where you come from or even your religion. Though tongues may differ, but we are one. In Kogi State, we don’t emphasise on what divides us but we emphasis more on what unites us.

“I want each and everyone of us to continue to preach peace, unity and togetherness. Yes, some sections of this country may be agitated due to one thing or the other but it is only on roundtable such agitations can be best resolved.

“I call on all my brothers that feel aggrieved about the state of this country to sit on the table and pass through the proper channels to resolve them ,” he said.

Bello told Governor Ikpeazu that his administration has done a lot in tackling insecurity bedeviling the state which has made Kogi one of the safest states in the country today.

Governor Bello commended the contributions of Igbo community living in Kogi State to the economic and political developments of the state.

Responding, Governor Ikpeazu commended the governor for the visit, describing Bello as a very good friend and strong ally who has always called him to offer words of encouragement.

He commended the governor for his leadership style and the strategies he had put in place to tackle insecurity in Kogi State to make it an economic hub.

Ikpeazu said he will never be party to those calling for the balkanization of Nigeria, saying the country would be stronger and better off as a united nation.

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