Covid-19 infection can occur more than once – FG

The National Orientation Agency has warned Nigerians that coronavirus can be contracted more than once.

The Federal Government’s agency gave the warning in a series of tweets to enlighten Nigerians on COVID-19.


NOA said this while responding to a question on whether those who had recovered from coronavirus need to be vaccinated.

It tweeted, “Recovery from #COVID-19 infection after treatment does not give you immunity from being infected again. Vaccine doses will protect you from contracting the virus.


“NPHCDA recommends that you get vaccinated even if you have already had COVID-19 because you can be infected more than once. While you have some short-term antibody protection after recovering from COVID-19, we do not know how long this protection will last. Hence, it is recommended that you get vaccinated because you can be re-infected.”

The agency also discouraged Nigerians against “natural immunity” and recommended immunity from a vaccine.


It added, “There is no guarantee that if you get COVID-19, you will get immunity. In fact, you may get serious illness and die or have debilitating symptoms that may persist for months.

“Even if you survive the disease, you may only develop short-term anti-body protection after recovery from COVID-19, we do not know how long this protection lasts.


Therefore, vaccination is the best protection, and it is safe.

“Immunity you will get from #COVID19 vaccination is scientifically proven to be effective.
Vaccination is the best protection and it is safe!”


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