Shomo/Jole crisis: Commission of Inquiry submits report to Taraba Government

The Commission of Inquiry set up by the Taraba State Government to probe the crisis between Shomo and Jole communities in Lau Local council has submitted its report.

Chairman of the commission, Justice Silas Haruna said that in their findings the remote causes of the prolong conflict was not only over the ownership of a fish pond but that Jole people accused Shomo people of
referring to them as outcasts.

Mr Haruna told the Governor that the latest of the attacks on Shomo by the Jole people was provoked by negative remarks.

Conflicts had broken out between the two communities over a disputed fish pond resulting in the death of dozens with property worth millions of naira destroyed.

The agrarian communities of Shomo and Jole in Lau local government have been at war path for a decade.

Previous administrations were unable to stop the unnecessary killings and wanton destruction by the two tribes which previous administrations couldn’t resolve

It had prompted the constitution of a Commission of Inquiry by the Ishaku Adminstration, led by Justice Silas Haruna.

The commission has now submitted its findings disclosing that among the causes of the crises was a supremacy war between the two tribes.

The commission also reported an amassing of arms by the two tribes and consficated some AK- 47 rifles.

Governor Ishaku was not happy at this and warned against use of arms in resolving communal crises.

He thanked members of the Commission of Inquiry for addressing the issues holistically, and providing solutions to the crisis which had eluded previous administrations.

The two communities are now expected to lay aside their differences and bring an end to the unnecessary killings in their communities.

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