NHRC launches digital platform to address gender-based violence

The National Human Rights Commission has launched an innovative platform called UNSUB to help address issues of sexual and gender-based violence.

This digital service is a safe space that ensures more cases are reported and aims to end the challenges of data gathering.

UNSUB is a Web and mobile application that facilitates synergy among responders of sexual and gender based violence

Challenges associated with sexual and gender based are enormous and have been further complicated by the outbreak of the coronavirus public health crisis.  It includes unreported cases and lack of coordination among responders of SGBV.

Less than 25 percent of rape cases and violence against women gets reported, while less than 15 percent of this is pursued to a logical end.  This has created a huge gap in the justice system for rape survivors

This gap created is what the newly developed app is set to address according to the app developer

The National Assembly also promises to ensure adequate legislation to combat the SGBV monster is added to laws already available.

Other speakers take turns to explain the inherent advantages of adopting technology to breach the gap.

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