There’s no recorded case of Coronavirus in Nigeria – Chinese Embassy

The Chinese Embassy has assured that no Nigerian in China and no Chinese in Nigeria is infected with the coronavirus, the Ambassador, Zhou Pingjian, disclosed this while addressing the media in Abuja.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic and the speed of its spread has sent jitters round the world.


The figures coming out of the outbreak has also not been is discouraging and has prompted, the World Health Organisation to declare the epidemic a
public health Emergency of International concern

So far, the confirmed number of suspected cases stands at twenty one thousand, five hundred and fifty eight people while seventeen thousand, two
hundred and five have been confirmed infected in China

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A total of three hundred and sixty one people have died from the virus while four hundred and seventy five people have been cured and discharged
from hospital

In order to contain the virus and avoid a further spread, Wuhan, where the virus all started from has been on lockdown as Chinese government said it is determined to fight the epidemic.


The Ambassador stressed that the declaration of the epidemic as a public health concern does not translate to trade and travel restrictions. The outbreak nevertheless, has had its toll on the Chinese economy.

Meanwhile, China has admitted shortcomings and deficiencies in the country’s response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.


It said the national emergency management system has to improve, ordering a crackdown on wildlife markets, where the virus emerged.

The move comes after Beijing accused Washingon of causing panic and spreading fear in its response to the disease which was declared a public health emergency.


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