Kidney transplant patient, Ashioma urgently needs N5.5m for survival

Image result for Christopher AshiomaMillions of people across the world die from Kidney related infections annually and Nigeria is not left out of the statistics.

Christopher Ashioma, who doctors said, is running out of time to survive, is appealing for N5.5m financial support from the public, to make up his bill for kidney transplant.

Jacqueline Ogoh, reports that Christopher Chinedu Ashioma, a 40 year old Engineer, is a graduate of Lagos state University, LASU. He got married in 2014, and as he was preparing for his white wedding in 2015, he was diagnosed with kidney infection.

His shocked parents, both pensioners, took him to a hospital in Lagos for a little while, then moved him to Oghara Teaching Hospital, in his state of origin, Delta, hoping to get government attention there, for the cost of his treatment and new kidneys. That ended up, not sailing through. So Christopher was brought back to Lagos for treatment at the Dialyzer Specialist Medical Centre.

To cope with the financial dictates of his treatment, in 2016, members of his LASU Alumni Association rallied for public support for him and raised 3 million naira was raised for him. But the sad news is, Doctors diagnosed that Christopher would have to go through Dialysis, twice, every week, with each process, costing him, 50 thousand naira. That means Christopher, survives on a hundred thousand naira every week, and 400 thousand naira per month. That drained that money and
Christopher’s wife has left him. His Pensioner parents are overwhelmed.

Members of his federal government college, Okigwe, Imo state, Alumni Association, have now been able to raise #3.5m for Christopher. But what he urgently needs for both kidneys transplant is N9m. That means, Christopher Chinedu Ashioma, a Nigerian Engineer, needs an additional N5.5m to make N9m, to live fully, again.

Christopher needs love, that must be urgently translated into cash, for his survival. This is not a good time to keep ten Posh cars or go out on a spending spree and watch a brother die. It is clearly a time, to show some love.

So if you are wondering or saying, how can l support him? Here are his account details. The money should be routed just in this exact order to,


You can also route you financial support to his Fidelity Bank ACCT… WHICH IS…6052 1246 81. His phone number is….08064771747

His bank account is the only place you should route your money to or call him directly.

Help a brother today. You will be happy your life has counted for something good.

  • But i want to say something sofer about perticuller of this kind disease why nigerian government do not take action on our poor citizing people in this our great country pls our government should be taking note on that,regardles of what is going by health sector.

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