NIM advocates rebranding for improved foreign investments

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The National Institute of Marketing wants Nigeria better projected for improved foreign investments.

This formed the thrust of discussions at the institute’s annual conference in Abuja.

Lara Afolayan reports that the conference themed marketing Nigeria and is geared towards projecting the Nigerian brand positively.

Participants are concerned about the not very flattering image the country has acquired internationally. They acknowledge government’s past attempts at rebranding the economy.

Notwithstanding, they fault them saying  rebranding should not be mere slogans, but well though out actions for national good.

The Trade and Investment authorities agree with these observations, as they admitted that the country indeed needs to restrategize its rebranding efforts for more foreign investment interests in the economy.

Recommendations from the talks conference is expected  to be presented to government as actionable points for changing the country’s image.

Some members and non-members of the institute were later conferred with the award of fellows and honorary fellows respectively.

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