Catalan head of Police appears before Spanish High Court

Image result for Catalan head of Police appears before Spanish High CourtCatalan Police Chief, Josep Lluis Trapero appeared before a judge at Spain’s High Court in Madrid on Friday to answer accusations that he committed sedition by failing to ensure his police enforced a court ban on holding the October 1 banned referendum.

The Catalan police are a symbol of Catalonia’s autonomy and are held in affection by Catalans, particularly after two Islamist attacks that rocked the region in August.


Unlike the Spanish National police, Catalonia’s force did not use force to prevent people voting.

Also appearing in court were the heads of Catalan pro-independent groups Omnium Cultural and Catalan National Assembly (ANC), to answer the same charges.


Trapero said he did not recognise the jurisdiction of the Spanish High Court because he believed he did not commit any crimes.


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