FG to set up policy on social-economic gains

Image result for FG to set up policy on social-economic gainsThe Nigerian government has challenged citizens in the diaspora to be committed to driving the nation’s development.

The government says it is ready to show its resolve to make this work by establishing a policy that will harness the potentials of Nigerians abroad to drive socio-economic gains.

Olive Nwoke-Onokwai reports that the diaspora of any nation is a formidable asset and plays a key role in its socio-economic and technological development.

This, the federal government says, is the reason it is working to put together a policy for Nigerians in diaspora.

The policy aims at establishing a workable and mutually beneficial relationship where Nigerians outside the country can contribute as well as benefit from the country’s development.

Delegates at the validation exercise on the proposed policy on diaspora matters highlight the need for diaspora involvement in nation building.

They say Nigerians abroad can help shape the country economically and charged the government to leverage on its strong diaspora presence.

Discussants tasked the government to speed up the process of the diaspora policy and one change they look forward to is being able to vote in Nigeria’s elections.

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