Tunisia President Kais Saied accused of staging coup amid clashes

Tunisia president Kais Saied accused of plotting coup

Tunisia’s main political parties have accused  president Kais Saied of staging a coup after he sacked the prime minister and suspended parliament.

Mr. Saied, who also dismissed the defence minister and the acting Justice minister said he acted in accordance with the constitution.

The move followed Sunday’s violent mass protests over the government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and the economic and social turmoil.

Calls are now growing from the international community for restraint. The European Union urged all political sides in Tunisia to respect the rule of law and avoid violence. There were similar appeals from the Arab League, Russia and Qatar.

But clashes among the President’s supporters and opponents continued on Monday in Tunis, the country’s capita.

They threw stones at each other outside the legislature, which has been barricaded by troops.

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