Thousands of Australians protest Covid 19 vaccine mandates

Thousaands of Australians protest agauinst Covid Vaccine Mandates Australian Anti Covid Vaccine Protest

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Australia on Saturday in protest against COVID-19 vaccination mandates, while smaller crowds gathered to support the measures that have elevated the country to be one of the most inoculated in the world.

Nearly 85 percent of Australians aged 16 and above have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus as of November 19. While nationwide vaccinations are voluntary, states and territories have mandated vaccinations for many occupations and barred the unvaccinated from activities such as dining out and concerts.

Chanting “freedom” and carrying placards calling to “fight tyranny” and proclaiming “unvaxxed lives matter”, several thousand anti-vaccination protesters marched through the streets of central Melbourne, Australia’s second-biggest city, at the same time as many families were enjoying the Christmas window displays of the city’s big department stores.

There were also protests in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, with police watching the rallies closely and no immediate reports of unruly behaviour.

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