Taliban urge people to leave Kabul airport following death of twelve persons

Taliban urge people to leave Kabul airport following death of twelve persons

The Taliban have encouraged travelers to evacuate the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul following the killing of twelve individuals since Sunday.

According to an official, the deaths were caused by gunshots or stampedes, and he asked those still gathered at the facility’s gates to return home if they did not have the legal authority to travel.

After Taliban fighters seized over Afghanistan’s presidential palace, causing pandemonium in the building and on the runways, thousands of Afghans fled their homes and traveled to the airport in an attempt to flee life under Taliban control.

According to Taliban and NATO sources, some people died as a result of the efforts, while others died as a result of gunshots or stampedes.

In an apparent bid to prevent further deaths, the Taliban has now urged people still crowded at the gates of the facility to go home if they don’t have the legal right to travel.

Evacuation attempts are still underway in Afghanistan, with countries from all around the world banding together to help individuals seeking to flee.

Despite the fact that the airport is still in the control of roughly 4,500 US soldiers, the Taliban is apparently making it impossible for anyone still attempting to flee to reach the terminals.

The militants control all roads leading to the airport, and soldiers use their authority to verify the documents of individuals attempting to enter.

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