SDGs: Nigeria ranked lowest in terms of commitment to fighting inequality

For the second year running, Nigeria has been ranked lowest in terms of commitment to fighting inequality, which is on the increase in the country. This is according to O Analytics Research and Development Initiative in its quarterly meeting to review government’s progress in Sustainable Development Goals Implementation in the country.

Moyo Thomas reports that this time around, the researchers are considering government’s effort at meeting the sustainable development goals 8 and 10.

Goal 8 of the SDG is provision of ‘decent work and economic growth’ and encourages all UN member countries to do more to empower individuals through the promotion of  inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all by 2030. Goal 10 is ‘reduced inequalities’

Researchers say there is need for policies against inequality to be strengthened in order to address these issues. The most impacting cause of inequality is income earning and women are the most vulnerable as they are usually excluded

Women need access to descent jobs and resources that can improve their lot. Analysts at this meeting is advocating restructuring and a diversified economy in order to achieve the United Nations Sustainable development goals 8 and 10.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s House of Representatives’ Committee on Sustainable Development Goals has advised developing countries to make Peace, the Goal 16, their number 1 goal.

At a budget defence meeting with the SDGs office, the lawmakers decried worsening security in Africa and tasked the nations to set their priorities right

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