Saudi Princes in jail seek international assistance in fear of their lives

A number of Saudi Princes in jail have called on the international community to enter and investigate the issue of arrests and assassinations in Saudi Arabia alongside murder of Saudi writer, Jamal Kashoggi in fear of their lives

According to a report, a Saudi prince sent a message to Al-Quds Al-Arabi through a mediator to ask the international community to pay attention to the issue of the arrest of princes and civil society activists, in addition to paying attention to the issue of Khashoggi for expressing their views on political and social issues.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi wrote,

‘Some senior Saudi princes who were arrested on the orders of Mohamed bin Salman, current crown prince, are under house arrest, and the fate of some of them is unclear. Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and Prince Walid bin Talal and Motab bin Abdullah are under house arrest. Waleed has tried to travel abroad several times, but the police have blocked him’.

Talal’s brother Khalid was also missing, until a few months ago discovered that he was arrested at Al-Haer Prison.

Khalid was sentenced to death, but because of his relations with the Lebanese people he evaded death sentence.

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