Sanwo-Olu unveils new Palliatives for Lockdown Extension

Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has announced new palliatives to cushion the impact of the lockdown extension in the state.

The governor made the announcement during a media briefing on Tuesday.

BREAKING: Lagos may extend lockdown, says Governor Sanwo Olu ...

According to him, the palliatives include a daily Community Food Kitchen, particularly for Youths and Direct Cash transfer to new sets of vulnerable through Intensified Social Register.

Others are: Immediate Release of Vehicles Impounded for Minor Offences; Immediate Three- Month Moratorium for MSMEs indebted to LSETF & other LASG loans; Palliative Relief Items to Religious Bodies, Tertiary Institutions, Riverine Areas, Informal Traders, Market Women, Political Parties etc for onward sharing to Citizens.




  • What the hell is happening in IBADAN AND LAGOS. Whereby hoodlums and Robberies are going on with nobody to hault them . What are you State Governments doing for Gods sake . Pls nip it in the bud before it blows out of control.

  • I would like it to be known that what the Lagos State Speaker of the House of Assembly has given to his own citizens ,whom have voted him in makes me puke to the high heavens . I am defininitely sure what he gave to his own people as relief cannot be given to a mangy dog on the street. Unless he can with cohorts like him can convince me beyond reasanable doubt that it is not so will i be able to repudiate my questions? I ask of him to please look into this as soon as possible. It is no Joke the Pandemic around now people are dying in their thousands ,if he is being misinformed with the wrong Information he should smell the coffee and reach out to the right people and stop surrounding yourselves with yes Sir people who cant tell you when youre wrong ?. Its not going to last forever and this goes to all our leaders whom thik they have 2 chips on their shoulders the same size. WAKE UP U LOT IT AINT GONNA LAST FOREVER.

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