S.O.N. orders closure of Steel Company in Benin

Image result for Steel Company in BeninThe standards organization of Nigeria has ordered the closure of a steel company for producing substandard steel rods and pushing them in the market.

The standard’s agency’s director in charge of compliance, Bede Obayi, who led a team to the steel company said there were much irregularities and non-conformity to quality practices by the company.


The company, Yongxing Steel company Limited, located at Ugua community area, along Benin-Sapele by pass, Benin city, Edo state, is equally said not to have the necessary equipment and capacities to produce standard and quality steel bars.

Obayi maintained that the agency has a responsibility to protect consumers and end users from substandard products.


He said that SON will continue to ensure strict monitoring and enforcement of it mandate.



  • Weldon to SON. off cause they have the full right to protects consumers right. we must not still forget that this same steel company is contributing to the social and economic development of our country. Though they didn’t get it right now in some ways that do not mean they are not capable of doing the right thing. Reacting to the comment saying this multinational company do not have the necessary equipment to produce standard and quality steel bar, i will strongly disagree with them. They should show facts on this not just writing things they feel without facts. This company is well known to be a good employer of labor which is one main thing our Great country needs Now. So please let our government body do the right thing at the right time and use their words rightly. OUR COUNTRY CAN ONLY STAND STRONG IF REAL OUR ASSIGNED GOVERNMENT BODY WILL HELP CHECKMATE INDUSTRY PROPERLY TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

  • i have seen a lot of this same still company in Lagos and Ondo state that do NOT even have half the equipment of what Yongxing have and have been operating for years. go and check them too.

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