Police seal off Ondo Assembly premises

Image result for Police seal off Ondo Assembly premisesThe Police in Ondo state have sealed off the state House of assembly following crisis that ensued over the impeachment of three principal officers of the house.

The two factions involved in the impeachment saga have continued to exchange words over the issue of fifteen million naira found with the pay master.

Security men have been deployed to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

The gate of the assembly complex has also been placed under lock.

This followed a rowdy session at the plenary where the two factions exchanged words and blows forcing the police to swing into action.

The step taken by the police is generating reactions from the two camps.

For the camp loyal to the impeached speaker, they are ready to reconcile with the aggrieved members.

Siji Akindiose who spoke on behalf of the camp says the issue of fifteen million naira in question was taken too far.

But the other faction threw its weight behind the police action.

Spokesperson of the group, Iroju Ogundeji and a member, Olamide George insist that the other group has no right to hold their sitting in the assembly any longer.

With the two factions still laying claim to the house leadership, it is not certain how and when the crisis will be resolved.

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