PDP leaders pray for Buhari’s speedy recovery

Nigeria’s leading opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is wishing President Muhammadu Buhari a speedy recovery.

PDP leaders expressed this wish at a forum in Abuja where they rolled out plans to reposition the party ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Despite the difference in political ideology between the President and the leaders of the Opposition, they want him well in order to guarantee stability in the system and so he can fulfill the promise he made to Nigerians.

More importantly, PDP members, leaders and followers alike, also attended the forum to consider the report of the strategy review committee set up by the Party?

The report is meant to reposition the party ahead of 2019 but this was not all they were concerned about.

They are also worried about the current state of the economy and recent developments in Rivers State.

The committee wants the party to uphold the party’s zoning arrangement, stop the imposition of candidates and adhere strictly to the direct primary system in choosing a candidate for the party.

The Committee also wants the party to commit itself to a credible system of internal democracy.

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