Nigeria’s level of Epidemic Preparedness is low – Health Watch

Image result for Ebola in nigeriaNigeria has a 39 percent preparedness score for the next epidemic in the country. This statistics according to the Nigeria health watch proves that Nigeria is not prepared for any epidemic if it happens.

Kemi Balogun reports that the impact of an outbreak of infectious disease on a country can be really devastating.

Looking back to the time when Nigeria had to battle with Ebola in 2014, the country pulled all resources together in order to curtail the spread of the
virus at that time. Now, the question is, is Nigeria ready for an epidemic when it comes?

This is why a meeting was organised for the media to project the need for public awareness on prevention and epidemic preparedness.

The Resolve to Save Lives Initiative is in Nigeria to ensure that the country is prepared and ready for any outbreak. But Nigeria has a lot of gaps in effective surveillance, laboratory, relationship with other sectors in emergency response among other things.

The “Resolve to Save Lives” Initiative is in Nigeria to raise the consciousness on global public health in order to improve strategies for epidemic preparedness.

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