Nigeria to consult with UK to forestall rejection of yam exports – Ogbeh


Nigeria-Yam-TVCAgriculture Minister Audu Ogbeh says consultations will soon be held with the United Kingdom to guard against future rejection of Nigerian exports.
The minister was speaking against the backdrop of criticisms which trailed reports of the rejection of the country’s yam exports at their export destinations.

The minister lashed out at the media for calling for his head following the negative report on the exports.

The yam export was carried out at an elaborate ceremony in Lagos earlier this year.

Many then feared the development could lead to yam shortages in the country.

  • This is quite idiotic Papa Ogbe. Why are you going to consult after the first batch was rejected for poor quality? You never realised that exporting yam was going to create scarcity at home, and make the domestic price unaffordable to poor Nigerians. You have always been part of the Nigerian problem and you need deliverance Papa.

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