Nigeria not serious in tackling insecurity – Ali Ndume

Senator Representing Borno South Senatorial district, Ali Ndume said the capacity of Nigeria’s Security personnel is not up to 800,000 in a country of 200million.

He noted that the Nigerian Army personnel are not up to 160,000 and the Nigeria police is less than 400,000, this however shows that the country is not serious in tackling insecurity.

Senator Ndume who is also the Chairman Senate committee on Army, stressed that the armed forces does not have what it takes to tackle the security challenges of the country although some equipment are been brought it, is still not enough.

He made these statements at a round table discussion with journalists in Abuja.

The Senator highlighted that there is nothing wrong in seeking help to solve the security problem, former president Jonathan did so in 2014 by contracting mercenaries from South Africa, this administration can do same.

Other countries like America use mercenaries in Iraq and Iran instead of sending out armed forces personnel to train aboard, the services of the defense contractors should be sought.

From a budget of 13 trillion a year, less than 1% is for security it shows the unseriousness of the government as peace does not come cheap.

Speaking on the $1billion approved by the National Assembly for the procurement of arms from America, he noted that the money was taken from the excess crude account, particularly for the purchase of Tucano attack planes.

The first batch of these equipment is to arrive in June and they will be stationed in Kaniji.

The House of Representatives set up a committee to investigate the procurement of arms and ammunition for the past three years, the committee should be allowed to do so if there are any misappropriation

Most of the equipment used by the armed force were procurement in 1979 during the Shehu Shagari administration.

Amnesty should not be given to criminals either bandits or terrorist if they want to give up their weapons they still need to face the law.

Senator Ndume noted that in respect of the 2023 presidential election, it is unconstitutional for APC to produce a candidate to come from the North

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