Nigeria is involved in human rights abuses – U.N. Report

Image result for Nigeria is involved in human rights abuses - U.N. ReportNigeria needs urgent action to end the pressure cooker of violence which is claiming thousands of lives in the country. These were the words of Agnes Callamard, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extra Judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Execution.

Ms Callamard addressed a press briefing in Abuja on her preliminary findings on extrajudicial killings in Nigeria.

Moyo Thomas reports that the United Nations rapporteur  on Exra-judicial, Summary and Arbitrary execution has presented her preliminary findings to the Nigerian government

Agnes Callamard said she will work with the government to review the findings and have a final report by 2020

The preliminary findings suggests that Nigeria is involved in so many human rights abuses, especially from the military and police who are excessive in their use of force

She says the fallout from impunity and abuse of the rule of law is the jungle justice that seems to strive in the Southern part of Nigeria
This is to the perception of the populace  that they need to take matters concerning their safety into their own hands

The 12-day preliminary findings also hinges on accountability for violations in the course of the Boko Haram conflict in the North East.

In fulfillment of the United Nations 2030 agenda which Nigeria is a signatory to, she pledges to ensure no one is left behind. It is important that this is fulfilled by giving access of justice to the poor and remedies for arbitrary killings.

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