Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho aims unsubtle dig at old foe Arsene Wenger

Jose Mourinho has rejected the suggestion that he is a short-term manager and aimed an unsubtle dig at rival

boss Arsene Wenger, who has not won a league title since 2004.The Manchester United manager has never lasted four full seasons at any of the clubs he has been at in his career, lending weight to the notion that he does not lay the building blocks for long-term success.But Mourinho has rubbished those claims, citing the successes many of his former teams have enjoyed in the immediate years after his departure.

Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho aims unsubtle dig at old foe Arsene WengerThe Portuguese coach also made a point of stressing that staying at a cub for a long time – Wenger, who was once dubbed a ‘specialist in failure’ by Mourinho, has been at Arsenal for 21 years – is not a measure of long-term thinking.

‘If people say that because I win and leave, I have to accept that because in a certain period of my career I did that,’ he explained in an interview with The Times.

‘When I win the Champions League, at Porto, at Inter,I disappear. I left Real Madrid when the club wanted me to stay. The only place I was sacked was Chelsea, but always after winning the title.

‘If people say that because I move from club to club, they’re right, but I don’t think I am [short-termist]. I prepare clubs for success.

‘I think I prepare clubs in a way where, when I leave, the new manager arrives at a top club. And that is not short-term even if you leave.


‘If you’re in a club one or two years — or any job — if you leave a structure to be even more successful without you than with you, that’s not short-term. That’s long-term. That’s long-term.’

Jose Mourinho makes prediction over Philippe Coutinho’s future at Liverpool. Liverpool and Chelsea target handed surprise lifeline after failed transfer. Asked if he is referring to Real Madrid, who have won three Champions League titles since he left, he continues: ‘I am, I am. As an example, short-term can be the guy that is at one club 20 years or 15 years or ten years and leaves the club in conditions for… what is the opposite of success? Failure.‘One who leaves the club in conditions for failure. That is a short-term manager. You can be there 10 or 20 years and when you leave the club, it’s ready for failure.’

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