Lagos moves to curb spread of HIV/AIDS

Image result for Lagos moves to curb spread of HIV/AIDSLagos state Aids control Agency has intensified efforts to curb the spread of the HIV/AIDS in the state.

This is part of the programme lined up to mark the 2018 World AIDS Day.

The state’s AIDS Control Agency said among the state’s 28 million population, 140 thousand people, are living with HIV, bringing the prevalence rate to 0.5 percent.

The state is running along with the United nations 2016 declaration, on stemming HIV/ AIDS, by 2020.

The Chief executive of the AIDS Control Agency says there is a law against stigmatisation, that the people must be mindful of.

The government said it is also taking steps to curb mother-to-child transmission, by ensuring traditional birth attendants, know the HIV status of pregnant mothers before handling them, to ensure child safety.

World Health Organisation statistics said 36 million people are living with the aids virus, globally. To stay away from being part of that number, sexual fidelity is recommended and the sharing of sharp objects is tagged..a!.

Adolescents are also advised to approach HIV friendly youth centres, for counseling and testing.

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