Lafia traders suggest way out of hike in food prices

Image result for Food stuff in Lafia marketNigerians continue to feel the impact of the increase in the prices of household items, especially food stuff. Inspite of this, some traders at the Lafia Modern Market are commending the federal government’s setting up of a Task Force on food security.

But they say some measures need to be put in place first, as TVC News correspondent Sophia Ogezi reports.

That food is required for daily existence by human beings is stating the obvious, an average human requires three square meals per day.

But this is no longer possible for most families in Nigeria owing to the hike in food stuff across the country.

Some argue that it is not about enforcement of prices by a special task force but that Government should encourage production of goods and services by adequately providing amenities like electricity and running water which make industries thrive

Many companies have relocated from Nigeria to other West , East and South African countries because the country can no longer guarantee power supply and good roads to industrialists .

These traders in Lafia market say a myriad of issues led to the hike in food prices but believe for the Federal government task force on food pricing to be effective they must first deal with some basic impediment to food security.

The traders express hope that while the recommendations of the task force is being considered, government will equally put in place policies to strengthen the Naira.

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