Hydropower professionals suggest local patronage as solution to epileptic power supply

Local Hydropower professionals in Nigeria have called on government to patronise them in an effort to improve power generation and supply in the country.

They said they have the solution to Nigeria’s power supply problem. To them, local problems require local solutions.

Correspondent Ibrahim Alege, reports that Nigeria is bestowed with large rivers and natural falls used for power generation. The main water resources that provide rich hydropower potential are the Niger and Benue rivers as well as the Lake Chad basin.

Nigeria’s total exploitable potential for hydropower is said to be estimated at over 14,120 megawatts.

They want both the federal and state governments to partner local professionals to achieve energy sufficiency in the country.

Nigeria’s 2015 National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy set out government’s priority to fully harness the hydropower potential in the country, promoting private sector and indigenous participation in hydropower development.

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