Food price hike: Traders, buyers appeal to govt for help

Image result for Food price in Ketu marketNigerians have continued to lament the continuous increase in price of food items which is causing untold hardship in most households.

Joke Lijadu took a market survey and reports that the last couple of months have been described by Nigerians as tedious.

The high cost price of foods items have placed a burden on most households in the country.

A visit to Ketu market in Lagos provides a glimpse into the hardship faced by many.

Nothing is cheap, even as traders and buyers struggle to achieve a decent bargain, yet its still the same song of lamentation.

Price of commodities as compared to last year has been on the geometric rise.

A paint bucket of garri that sold for  N300  is now N600, 5 litres of palm oil which sold for N1200  now N4000, a Derica of Beans previously N150 is now N300.

The list is endless, sellers attribute the rise in price to the increase in foreign exchange but many are expectant that the present gloom in market price will fast become history.

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