FCCPC cautions consumers on artificially ripened fruits

Image result for FCCPC says Artificial fruit ripening harmful, wants consumers to be watxhfulThe Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has said its worrisome to know that chemicals are used as artificial ripening agents for fruits, vegetables, and other food items.

The use of calcium carbide to hasten the ripening of oranges and mangoes are alarming.

Calcium carbide have been scientifically proven to contain harmful carcinogenic properties that are harmful and capable of serious effects with consumption of food containing them.

The commission said forcefully ripened fruits usually do not have uniform colours, they appear with yellow and green patches and are hard in texture, low in flavor, less juicy and often will not be as sweet as they should be.

The FCCPC has warned Consumers, retailers, farmers, and others in the produce value and distribution chain to desist from this harmful practice, and be watchful to prevent consumption of artificially ripened produce with carbide.

The Commission is working with relevant regulators in the food security value chain to prevent this continuing practice and plans to seize produce already compromised by exposure.

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