COVID-19: Nigeria’s Ports are not closed – Aliyu

The Presidential Taskforce on COVID 19 said it is going to publish a diagnostic strategy for the country so that every citizen will be aware of the progress made so far in the fight against the pandemic.

The document will also indicate the way forward in curbing the spread of the virus.

Nigeria continues to experience increase in the case of COVID 19 with over 300 confirmed cases.

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The team tasked with the day to day running of government’s efforts is taking a holistic look at the task of keeping the country free from pandemics.

The minister of health said the three level of detection of the virus is also very important at a time like this. The use of face mask has attracted debates but NCDC keeps clearing the air and setting the priorities right.

The ports were exempted from shutdown and remains so. The delay witnessed in clearing of good is procedural.

Minister of information , continued his mission of exposing fake news.

About resisting the lock down, the task force said this is not the time for Nigerians to relax and disobey.

It’s believed that with proper policies put in place and diligently pursued, it may not be long for the country to return to normal life again.

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