Ambode insists on removing yellow buses from Lagos

Image result for Ambode insists on removing yellow buses from LagosEconomists converged on Lagos on Monday for the  Centre For Values In Leadership (CVL) annual lecture on Leadership 2017. The theme was : Living well together in cities of the future.

Correspondent, Adedoja Salam-Adeniyi reports that Lagos is prepared to ban the yellow buses in the state this year.

Cities are clearly the future, how people live well in these cities matter a lot.

Economics of living, quality of life, social harmony, security,  infrastructure renewal,  transportation, affordable housing and well-being are matters that needed to be addressed.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode lectured on the theme: Lagos as Gateway to the continent: Why Lagos is the most attractive city to live in and do business in  Africa.

He also made it clear that the Lagos  yellow buses do not fit into the mega city of his dream.

Lagos state took centre stage at this event as the growing  fastest mega city in the world. Its continuity in governance was mentioned as one of its key strengths.

The outcome of this annual lecture will provide Nigeria with options to address the bulging urban population in and associated social and economic challenges.

The event afforded students an avenue to learn early what leadership means. It was also the CVL  Founder, Professor Pat Utomi’s way of celebrating his birthday, by Thinking and  fighting for the future of Nigeria.

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