Airman who returned 37,000 Euros gets double promotion

Image result for Airforce rewards Airman who returned 37,000 Euros with double promotionThe Nigerian Air Force Operative who returned 37, 000 Euros to its owner in Kano has been honoured with a double promotion by the Air Force authorities.

Air Craft Man Bashir Umar is now a Corporal decorated by the Chief of the Air Staff.

Defence Correspondent Sifon Essien reports that the newly promoted Corporal is pleased that his act of honesty has earned him an honour.

The Nigeria Air Force personnel gather at the air force headquarters to celebrate this man, Air Craft Man Bashir Umar.

On the 7th of July, the airman found 37,000 Euros and subsequently returned it to its owner at the Hajj Camp Market in Kano…

This act of integrity has elicited commendations for the 24 year old air man from several quarters, including the President, Muhammadu Buhari. And now, the air force family has honoured the Air Craft Man with a double promotion.

The chief of the air staff decorated Bashir Umar with the rank of Corporal for his show of integrity. The newly promoted Corporal is pleased that his act of honesty has brought him honour.

The air force authorities believe that rewarding acts of integrity would encourage good behavior among its personnel.

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