US, Israel committed’ to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon- Blinken

US, Israel committed' to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon-Blinken

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Sunday stated that the US and Israel are committed to stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, despite the allies’ disputes over talks with Tehran.

Blinken made the remarks in Jerusalem alongside his Israeli counterpart, Yair Lapid, who told reporters that Israel and the US had “disagreements” about a prospective arrangement to resurrect the 2015 nuclear agreement with Tehran.


According to Blinken, President Joe Biden’s administration believes that “returning to full implementation of the deal was the best way to put Iran’s program back in the box that it was in but has escaped from since the United States withdrew from the agreement under former President Donald Trump in 2018.”

The Israeli government was vehemently opposed to the parameters of the 2015 agreement and has stated that reactivating the old agreement is insufficient to counter the Iranian danger. “When it comes to the most crucial issue,” Blinken remarked, “Israel and the US see eye to eye.” We are both dedicated and determined that Iran will never obtain a nuclear weapon.


Despite its disagreements with Washington, Israel maintains a “open and honest discussion” with its closest friend on the Iran nuclear issue, according to Lapid.

Israel will do everything it takes to put an end to Iran’s nuclear development.


From our perspective, the Iranian danger is not theoretical. The Iranians aim to annihilate Israel. They will not be successful. “They will not be able to do so,” Lapid stated.


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