Akeredolu’s aide accuses Federal Fire Service of damaging his vehicle

Akeredolu's aide accuses Federal Fire Service of damaging his vehicle Akeredolu's aide accuses Federal Fire Service of damaging his vehicle

A Special Assistant to the Ondo state Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu on Multimedia, Olugbenga Asade, has accused the Federal Fire Service Corps (Ondo State) of damaging his vehicle.

He noted that two months after damaging his vehicle, nothing has been done to fix it by the fire fighters.

According to him, the accident which led to the damage of his vehicle, happened on Friday, 13th August, 2021 around 9pm at Airport road, Akure, Ondo state, due to the reckless driving and the impatient behavior of the Fire Service truck driver.

He alleged that the driver of the fire truck jumped police inspection queue and crashed his Lexus Jeep briefly after his vehicle was inspected and cleared to go.

“After the inspection, I tried to move on in my journey and a Federal Fire service truck overtook me from no where, hit and severly crashed my vehicle”

“The truck driver took to his heels after the accident and I had to gave him a very hot chase before I could meet up with him at the Federal Secretariat which Is located at Igbatoro road, Akure” Asade said.

“I was given an unwelcome attitude by the Fire Service officers i met on duty that night. They declined my request to see the driver that crashed my vehicle.

“They stylishly sent me out of the Secretariat without providing a solution to the occured incident, which prompted me to report the case to the State Commissioner of Police”, he stressed.

He therefore requested, that the Federal Fire Service Corps should provide the truck driver that crashed his vehicle with an apology for absconding and as well, take responsibility of fixing his damaged vehicle.

But all efforts to ensure that the car is fixed has not yielded any result.

According to him, the Federal Fire service in the state has continued to turn deaf ears to his plea.

“All I want is justice, they want to use Federal might to cheat me. Over two months after the, incident, nothing has been done fix the car”

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