Joe Okei Odumakin charges leaders to address challenges

Latest Breaking News About Nigeria's Independence Celebration - Joe Okei Odumakin charges leaders to address Challenges at Indeopendence Dr Joe Okei-Odumakin

Activist and President of Centre for Change, Joe Okei-Odumakin, has called on Leaders in all positions across the country to do the needful before the nation reaches its tethers end.

Dr Okei-Odumakin disclosed this in a statement titled Another Independence Anniversary? Any Cause to Celebrate released in Lagos to commemorate the nations’ 61st Independence Anniversary.


She said the nation is at a crossroads and needs restructuring as the nation has never had it so bad.

She called for the cooperation of all leaders to save the nation before it is too late.

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Rising above primordial sentiments, petty considerations and showing sensitivity for the plight of the average Nigerian according to her will help in alleviating the situation.

She called for leaders to give the biggest and best Independence Celebration to all Nigerians by leading by example and shunning ostentatious or flamboyant celebration and addressing all issues militating against the nations development.


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