“Tyson Fury is holding something that I want”– Anthony Joshua

Two-time unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua says he wants to fight Tyson Fury badly.

“Undoubtedly the fight I want is Tyson Fury — he is holding something that I want, he’s
on my hit list.


According to Anthony Joshua, one never knows what one is going to get with Fury.

“He’s either at the top of the world, conquering the world, or at the bottom of the
ocean and he needs to find a balance — but at the moment he seems to have found one at
home working out with his wife.


“He says things about me all the time, there is so much back and forth, but Tyson Fury
is only relevant the day me and him sign a contract to fight.

“The day he and I are going to fight is the only time really that I should be talking
about Tyson Fury and I don’t really want to be in that position where I am talking him


“He says a lot of controversial things, and I know if that was me… I just think he gets
away with a lot.

“But the work he has done around mental health has been very impressive.


“I didn’t understand how much mental health issues had played such a big part in
society, and I think that Tyson Fury is such a big guy, a heavyweight champion of the
world, and it means that people can look at him and think, well if Tyson Fury can go
through this well, I shouldn’t be so scared to talk.

“He is a great person and he has done great things in boxing, but until the day we fight
that is where it ends and I don’t have anything else to say about him. I really want the
belt he holds and that is where I stand.” He said.


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