Gombe state govt set to establish industrial park to diversify economy

The Gombe state government has concluded plans to establish a one thousand hectare industrial park.
The industrial zone billed to accommodate manufacturing and agro-allied plants would benefit from the recently completed forty megawatt hydroelectricity dam just a few kilometers away.

Dadinkowa; roughly interpreted as the joy of everyone in the Hausa Language. With lush green land, Dadinkowa in Yamaltu Deba local government area is
renowned for all-season farming.


Establishing an industrial complex in this area would be a game changer as this would attract Manufacturing and agro-allied industries to process the farm produce and also improve the economy of the state.

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Beyond creating jobs and wealth, it also brings much-needed hope to Nigeria’s embattled Northeast region.

The Gombe State government says it is committed to doing whatever it takes to complete the project.


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