“Approve my deal or face an exit with no deal” – British PM

British Prime Minister, Theresa May on Thursday said lawmakers were faced with a choice ahead of her Brexit deal- approving her deal or facing an exit with no deal or even the reversal of Brexit

May said she was in discussions with lawmakers about giving parliament a bigger role in whether the Northern Irish backstop arrangement would be triggered, giving only few details.

May said some in parliament were trying to frustrate Brexit and that she did not think another referendum on Brexit was the right course.

“There are three options: one is to leave the European Union with a deal. The other two are that we leave without a deal or that we have no Brexit at all”

“It’s clear that there are those in the House of Commons who want to frustrate Brexit and overturn the vote of the British people and that’s not right.”

May repeatedly sidestepped questions on whether she would delay the Dec. 11 vote but did hint at possible concessions on the Northern Irish backstop.

“There are questions about how decisions are taken as to whether we go into the backstop, because that isn’t an automatic,” she said.

“The question is: Do we go into the backstop? Do we extend what I call the implementation period?”

May however was not specific about a “Plan B” if her deal was rejected.

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