Nollywood actress Osas Ajibade who is now married to actor Gbenro Ajibade dished on how her only sister died and how she managed through pregnancy and motherhood.
The former Tinsel star and presenter explained how her mother followed her through her pregnancy. She said: ‘My mum is really protective.  Watching my only sister die with her child was heartbreaking for her so I understand why she is being protective of me. She even shared with me some Benin superstitions and I followed through till the letter. I’m naturally a busy-body. So when I got pregnant and my mum was like you literally have to sit, feed up and not move, It was really hard for me. But, it was nice to take some time off, and I’m glad to be back, to be able to juggle and make sure everything is on point in terms of my career, being a wife and being a mother.”
The actress revealed during the #WakeUpNigeria show on Tuesday 14th of November that she decided to start up a foundation to honour her sister who died of malaria with a child. And that gave birth to her foundation called ‘Joyful Joy malaria foundation’. ”Unfortunately my only sister passed away from malaria in 2006 and when I was crowned Miss Black USA, they wanted me to raise an advocacy, so I initially talked about malaria. I’m grateful because through her memory, I’m able to go along with Joyful Joy team, to help and give back to Nigeria.”
Speaking about her being married to Gbenro Ajibade, a celebrity like her, she said, “There is pressure outside, but we keep each-other grounded and that’s what makes it beautiful and fun. It’s not about the wedding but mainly about the marriage, we work on that every single day and put God first.”